Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"You must have done something right"

I woke up all emotional yesterday, one of my good friend, Kak Husna was about to have her PhD viva that morning and I could not be there with her because I was one of the panels for the internship program's interview held by my parent company.

The turnover of the interview was very poor, 2 out of 9 students came. When asked why, one of the candidates said the email went to her "Junk mail" and defended those who did not come.

"But you are here," one of the panels, Mr. O pointed out.

"I am lucky because I happened to check my junk mail last night," she said innocently.

Then, Mr. O said something that hits me really hard..

"The fact that you are here today must mean you have done something right."


At noon, I received a message from my friend saying she passed her viva, and I was super ready to go out and celebrate with the girls.

In the car, on the way to Alamanda, we talked about how it is all rezeki from the Almighty. Once, a researcher received the best FRGS project and so many recognition, but nearly failed for her PhD viva. Us, with funny PhD projects, Alhamdulillah had such easy viva, the irony.

"It is unpredictable, all these," Kak Husna said.

Well Dr. Husna, the fact that you are here today, doing minor correction for your PhD thesis must mean you have done something right.

That simple sentence somehow has a powerful comforting effect towards me.

You must have done something right..

How Allah swt is fair.

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aliqaliqa said...

I love the phrase!

When you actually sit down and think why things happen the way they did.. We must have done something right..