Sunday, November 8, 2015

THREE ZERO, may I have a concealer please?

So.. I turned 30 on 12th October, just last month.

Yup, 3 series yo.

Both Love and I took a leave on Monday as usual and we were all over the place.

1) Woke up very early and went to KWSP. We decided to withdraw our Account 2 KWSP to pay for monthly installment of our home. Basically what you need are just the letter from the bank where you have your loan with and your sijil nikah if your loan is under both names. And you can opt for one of these two ways;
     a) to pay lump sum to your loan account (But you still need to pay monthly)
     b) to pay monthly to your own bank account
We opt for option b and in less than two weeks, they banked in to both our accounts the monthly installment and this will continue for the next 60 months as per instructed.

We put aside the money and aim for major renovation for Homer, in shaa Allah.

2) From Jalan Reko, we went to Ampang to have my Medela looked at.

3) Then to the tailor to pick up my altered jubahs. (Currently obsessed with Jubahsouq)

4) To IOI City Mall for a movie (The Martians, fun but mengarut) and Magnum Cafe.

My sweetheart

Both Love and I would so much prefer the usual Magnum than this one, hehe.

Arrived home super tired but happy to spend time with my girls.

Love bought me a new mini lappy since I'm always on the go with work nowadays. So. Worth. It. Tq Love!

How was it being 3 series?

Well.. I'm more comfortable with my body, healthier Alhamdulillah. I know what product suits me best and what not. Same goes to style. I know which friends to stay, which friends come and go. I know what pissed me off and what I could tolerate. So I'm happier day by day.

But, there is always a catch.. my eye bags annoy me every single time.

I seriously need a concealer guys. (T_T)

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