Wednesday, December 9, 2015


My grandmother was very dear to me. She took care of me up until I was 9. I came to visit her every weekend. I called her up every now and then. She shared my every stories, even puppy love moments without any prejudice. She knows everything about me, more than my mom.

Grandmother love.

Two Sundays ago, I went to visit her in IJN. She was admitted on the 24th November due to difficulty in breathing. Turns out she had a slight pneumonia. Apart from that, she was healthy. Not even being dripped.

However, considering it was her 4th time in IJN within less than a year, doc suggested to do angiogram due to her previous heart problem. The angio was scheduled to be on the 27th November, but later was postponed to 4th December due to her kidney was unstable. Angiogram procedure has an affect towards kidney, might caused the kidney to fail, hence, we obliged.

So, two Sundays ago, after not being able to see her for three days, Grandmother looked a bit feverish. She craved for Cendol and after   having her Cendol, terus demam. I believe because it was too cold in IJN. Nonetheless, she was chirpy as usual. I fed her some porridge with she shared with Aisha, aunt captured our pics together..

..and that was it.

That was my last moment and my last picture with my Grandmother, whom I dearly called "Mak".

On Wednesday, mom and dad visited Mak and she was so happy. That night, Abang Mat spent a night in the hospital with Mak. She was so so happy. In the morning at around 1030 am, Mak insisted Abang Mat to go to the cafe for breakfast. Siap bagi RM50, belanja katanya. Because she was persistent, Abang Mat left for breakfast.

Around 10.45am, Mak went to the toilet with the nurse. After a while, the nurse called for her from outside of the toilet to no reply. When the nurse opened the door, Mak was trying to move from toilet seat to her wheelchair, clutching her chest. Nurse suspected she was having a major heart attack. The nurse managed to hold Mak before she hit the ground, but by then, Mak has left us.

At 11.08, I received a phone call from Aunt saying that IJN called, "Mak critical" was her exact words. (In actual, Mak has passed away and they waited for official statement from doc).

I rushed to IJN, only to discover that Mak has left us while on the way.

Doc tried everything, but did not manage to do anything. CPR 5 times to resurrect, last option is to cut her neck to inject some medication straight to the heart, but to no avail.

Right now..

I'm so so lost.

Al fatihah, Mak.

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