Thursday, December 17, 2015

School holiday activities

So what's Khaira doing at home during this long holiday break?

Basically, before I leave to work, I would give her 5 pages of homework. Be it tracing or maths, but very simple ones. Just to discipline her.

Then, she would play all day and watch TV. Her favourite shows at the moment are Ultraman, Ninja Turtles and Didi and Friends. I bought her lots of arts and crafts stuff as well. Mostly from Toys R Us, I borong so many last Christmas as it got way too cheap. So mommies, YES is nearing.. go grab yours.

I also just discovered that Mr. DIY has so many arts and crafts items for kids with the price of just 10% from what I paid to buy stuff in Toys R Us. For example, I bought this keychain for Khaira to colour below for RM3.90.

At night, she would:
1. Revise 5 surahs.
2. 3 pages of reading. Her current read, and first story book. Now at pg 50.

3. Mengaji plus a line hafazan from the current surah she is at. She is now in her 17th surah.
4. Then, she would do one of these:
   a) spelling on Monday
   b) English reading on Tuesday, Thursday
   c) Maths on Wednesday
   d) Mind games on Friday

All these would take less than half an hour.

As for Aisha, she would play all day and watch TV. At night, 3 minutes or less on flashcards. And.. that's it. Yesterday, I decided to eat first before teaching them as opposed to norm. But just after Maghrib, she took her own book and sat where we usually sit waiting for me.

Hehe.. body clock.

Ya Allah, semoga the Asyikins istiqamah. Ameen.

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