Monday, December 14, 2015

There will not be a day

There will not be a day that shall go by without me thinking of you, Mak.


During the last months of the passing of my Grandmother, my aunt and family, my uncle and my uncle's friend have contributed so so much for my Mak. In fact, my uncle's friend was the last person to be there half an hour before Mak passed away, and stayed overnight in the hospital with Mak. He was not an actual family member, but he took care of Mak as if it was his own. Everytime we came, he would wash the dishes, do the laundry or even cook for her and to the extend brought Mak to kubur Datuk every now and then. Mak spoke so highly of him, it was only natural to approach him and thanked him for taking care of Mak all these while after kebumi yesterday.

"I wasn't the one who helped Mak," he said. "It was the other way around."

It turned out all these while, when he spent time at Mak's house, Mak taught him how to solat and mengaji. He couldn't thank her more. He said half an hour before Mak's passing, she was soooo happy, even made some donation and small talks to patients next to her bed. ... So, this morning, when I woke up numb, feeling more lost and empty than yesterday, his words made me able to get up to know that Mak had an easy ending and husnul khatimah, in shaa Allah.

Too soon, Mak.. You left us too soon, too sudden :(

Al fatihah to my Grandmother.

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