Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Purification of the Heart: Important notes from Mufti Ismail Menk

I listened to this talk by Mufti Menk just now while doing my work, just thought of sharing what I managed to digest. Mufti Menk's speech is always very near to my heart, and this one brought me to tears this morning.

  1. Purification of the heart begins when you start to find out the words of Allah. Hence, try to understand the meaning of your solat or surahs
  2. When you see someone that is doing a sin, make a doa for him. Praying for somebody to be better will make yourself a better person as well. "Ya Allah, please grant this man hidayah, and grant me hidayah as well"
  3. Patience: If it takes you 40 years to discover your Creator, don't expect people to be better in 4 minutes
  4. When somebody advises you, don't think that they are judging you. "Judge" and "Advice" are two different things
  5. Don't give sedekah something that is haraam, eg. short dress. 
  6. When you give someone something, you must know what it is.
  7. When you want to ask Allah SWT, ask for  1) Jannah 2) Purification of heart 3) Steadfast
  8. If you constantly repent, with the correct way, it will bring you to Allah swt and keep you away from sin. Eg. You istighfar always, then when you want to do sin, it will not go together.
  9. Sign that solah is done correctly: On time and worried about the next one. Sins will eradicate themselves.
  10. Things that avoid the purification of heart; 1) you do solat but you still do the sins such as pornography every night 2) Do sins when nobody is watching
  11. Solat/any ibadah without any other people knowing, purifies the heart. That is the link between you and Allah swt.
  12. Cry or even weep for repentance, that's the sign of purification of the heart

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