Sunday, April 8, 2012

Guys are so confusing..

The following conversations with my BFF..

Him: I don't feel like dating Malaysian girls anymore.
Me: Huh? Why?
Him: I don't know what their focus on at this age. (He always talks mysteriously, like that.. pfftt..)
Me: Meaning?
Him: You know, at this age, their focus is on wedding and marriage.
Me: Of course, dude, we're gonna be 27 this year.
Him: Yup, and they're so desperate to get married that everytime they meet someone new, they keep hoping to get proposed. They don't care whether that guy has the same chemistry with them or not, or whether he's really the one or not. They just glad that someone is willing to marry them. Just because they're 27.
Me: (T_T)!

But, as always when you said "you don't", you're aways gonna do things the other way around. A couple of days after the above conversation took place, he dated a Malaysian's girl.

Me: So, how was it?
Him: She's fun, but the dance check*, it didn't happen.
Me: What's with you and the dance check? Are you Ted Mosby or something?
Him: Yes, I'm Ted!
Me: No..oooo!! The dance check should happen on the second date. Not, on the first date. I personally think, it's an insult to a guy if we offer to pay on the first date, shouldn't we suppose to let you guys boost your ego first?
Him: Really?
Me: Urm.. yeah! Remember what Ted said to Robin when he fell for Becky. "You don't make me feel needed!"

And they said girls are confusing!!

Tell you what, if I ask a guy on what they really want in life, 70% chance that they will say they want A when in actual fact they want B. Oh, come on.. they even have a hard time deciding on what to eat! (Though I found it extremely adorable when my better half called me up and asked me to help him decide on what to eat when in actual fact I know he already knows what to eat).

Guys, they are so confusing like that!

*Dance check = when both of you are offering (or pretending to offer) the bills after your meal.

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