Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nursing in public

I am still so glad that I manage to breastfeed Spiderbaby for 6 months now.

We all know that breastfeeding is the easiest way to feed a baby. Everytime she cries, I don't have to find hot water or bottle, I just feed her there and then. Even at night, when it gets really sleepy, I don't even have to get out of the bed to feed her. When I travel, I only need one important thing to feed her.. my breastfeeding poncho!

But really, how do you feel about nursing in public?

To be honest, I never at all feel shy about it. I think that the people and the environment I live with nowadays are more open about it. Plus, most of the time people won't notice whatever happened inside my poncho, so no problem there.

Plus most of the shopping malls nowadays offer very convenient rooms to nurse. I especially love the ones in Isetan KLCC, private nursing room with comfortable sofa, memang best.

I normally nurse Khaira in the car on the way to wherever places we are attending, so it will keep her full (and chirpy) for about 3 hours. But if she happened to be hungry and I could not find any nursing room, then this happened..

If you need to nurse your baby in public, here are some tips from me I thought might help:

1) Practice how to cover them!
Haha. Poncho, scarf, hijab, name it. Whatever you use to cover up. But the most important thing, practice! Practice to really cover them up and practice so that your baby will get use to the fact that they need to be covered up when nursing in public. As for Khaira, I introduced her to poncho as early as she was 1 month old.

2) Low key nursing.
Try not to attract people's attention on the fact that you're nursing your baby. Feed her before she made a scene; i.e. crying. We all know that hungry babies are not so patient. What works for me; buat muka selamba and feed her. Kalau segan2, people around us pun lagi segan tengok.

3) Choose the right outfit; ones that is easy to access.
My favourite outfit nowadays: my work shirt with buttons in front. If I have to wear formal, it would be my Kebaya or nursing jubah or kurung, tailor made by my tailor.

4) A good spot.
If you find a comfortable place for you to hide, even better. But, the most comfortable place for me is next to my husband so people won't even dare to give me a second glance. Hehe!

5) Confidence.
The most importat key. Why should we be shy to nurse our baby, we should be proud and thankful. Most importantly, we should educate people around us. Show them that this is normal. :)

All the best, you breastfeeding mommies out there!

Kalau ada tips lagi, silalah share!

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