Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random updates

1. Khaira's passport

Okay, we did Khaira's passport a few weeks ago. Did you know you that need the original birth certificate if you wanted to do a passport for child below 18 years old? MyKid tak boleh gune adoi! And if you are wondering how they took baby's photo, actually you have to hold her while she was sitting down, but since Spiderbaby refused to sit, Love had to hold her. Price: RM100 for 3 years, RM150 for 5 years. Of course we did the 5 years though we wondered, bukan ke nanti muka Khaira lain sangat when she turns 5?

2. Mel's reception

Was super duper fun! Met all my Uniten's sweetheart. Had to bring Khaira since MIL not available to babysit her. Siann dia, past her bedtimes. She's a good girl though! Behave sangat!

3. Iza's (and Shariz's, haha) engagement


4. Iraqian's breakfast

My colleague cooked everything for us. Sedappp!! Yumm!! :) Realized that they ate too much cheese!! --> Not a complaint. Hee.. Perhaps one day i can make a Korean's breakfast after habis berguru dengan MIL.

5. End of semester

Semester break = holidayyy!! Yay, this time it's Bali! In order to celebrate my break students like every other sem, this sem I bought them some muffins! As for this sem, bought this from Love's colleague, mini muffin, different colours represent different fillings. Sedap okeh!

Ok, tu je, bye!

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