Thursday, January 31, 2013


A couple of weeks ago, I received an offer as a full time researcher in one big company. ‘Company’, rather than ‘University’.. A change of career path altogether.

I always knew since I was a little girl, that teaching comes as a nature to me.

After a while, I fell in love with research. It’s a passion, an addiction. So I took ‘teaching’ as a medium to find my actual passion -> ‘Research’.

But.. this place, where I’ve been since I was 18 held a soft spot in my heart. I have a stable job here, forever grateful with what I’m making at the end of the month, I created my own label here and mostly I have a lot of fun growing up with friends in the research lab of whom I cried and laughed with throughout the hardship of my PhD.

On the other hand, it’s thrilling. To see what you’ve been studying all along is inline with the industry and to actually see the ‘baby’ I’ve been raising all along is worth more than I thought.

But I’m too small for such BIG decision. So, I let Him decides. :)

The last time I had such BIG decision to handle was when Love proposed. And look where I am now. So, I have faith :)

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