Sunday, December 16, 2012

Big bad wolf 2012 - a review

Went to BBW 2012 a week after it started. And ohhh goodness, my first to many visits after this inysa Allah :)

My verdict: Very well organized! Books are placed according to genre. I went like, 'romance' - lame! 'Science fiction' - done with it. 'Young adults' - errr???

Books I bought..

Didn't take much time for me to decide on what I want. I didn't go scrutinizing each book, because the obvious ones are tempting enough.

First went to the Bestseller section, and just had to buy ''The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown, of which I've been visiting multiple times to MPH to buy this book but ended up buying something else, rezeki sungguh. Price = RM8.

Then, saw the only Jeffrey Archer's I could find - "Paths of Glory", never read his work before. Bought this after I have been recommended by almost everyone. Price = RM 8.

Fell in love with this one, which I never heard of before, "Her fearful symmetry" from the author of Time traveller's wife, simply because I love this movie so much. Price = RM8.

Then to Self Help, very disappointing. It's like a compilation of Self Books I never wish to read. Except there's "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell, which I already have them in my Self Help collection.

So, to Memoirs section, and found "Donald Trump: Think like a champion" which I have been wanting to buy for quite sometimes. Price = RM10.

Books Love bought..

Love doesn't read. Period. Except about cars.

He bought his "Porsche The Ultimate Guide" for RM12, which I can assure the only time he is ever going to read it is either in the toilet or while waiting for his flight if outstation.

And he bought another book "More show me how" for RM15 which honestly, I don't categorize it as a book. Just a manual with compilation of beautiful pictures in it.

For everybody else..

I must say the best section is the Children section. Grab these in less than 10 minutes while browsing through. Read along Curious George with CD for RM8 and Kai Lan activity book with crayons for RM6.

These are in the Dummy section. "Natural Childbirth" for RM10 and "Cooking For Two" for RM8.

So, altogether we spent a total of RM103 for 11 books in less than an hour, can you beat that?

It's a must go again event that I totally stamp on! Very well organize, comfortable and the place is big, so you don't feel crowded at all.

As of now, 80 more pages to be done with "What the Dog Saw", 10 more books waiting for me at home. Tak sabar tak sabar tak sabar!!! :)

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