Monday, December 3, 2012

Formal teaching with flashcard - DarwishDarwisya's Method

"Ibu said she refused to take her nap today," Dad updated me on Spiderbaby's daily report as I reached home from work yesterday.

"Khaira Asyikinnnn, whyyyyy???" I said in a dramatic way, looking over that round big eyes of hers. She giggled hysterically, showing off eight teeth, which every time I looked at them I wonder, why the gaps???

"She slept eventually.. only after Ibu turned on her radio playing the Quran," Dad continued. Masya Allah. Alhamdulillah. Just a week ago I introduced her to the sound of Quran before she sleeps and now she refuses to sleep without it. Alhamdulillah :) May Khaira Asyikin digests all the surahs that she sleeps with, insya Allah. Ameen. And thank you mom, for continuing to play the Quran for Spiderbaby after Alif started his first real job yesterday.

After Dad wrapped up on his updates of Spiderbaby, I said to Khaira, "Give me 10 minutes ok, Ibu wants to take a bath for a while, then we'll start our lesson for the day, ok." This statement never fails to piss my dad off EVERYTIME. Because Spiderbaby would reply this statement with a cry, refusing to let me go. She gets clingy every time I left her for work.

But I couldn't bear, leaving my baby without any notification and reassurance that I will be back. I sure wouldn't want her to do the same to me, so marilah berlaku adil. ;p Furthermore, I want her to be mentally prepared for her flashcard lesson after I'm done freshen up.

So, to the flashcard lesson..

Why flashcard?

I know.. I know.. I was a bit skeptical on flashcard at first. I thought it was messy. I thought who needs flashcards when you have books? Of course, that was before I was blessed with a daughter who was so eager to look at the rest of the pages of the book other than the page I was teaching (T_T)

For the flashcard, I used the ones given in the seminar, by IPN. Because I got them for free and because my intention for the flashcards is to just introduce the alphabets, the rest insya Allah using books. Some of my friends are using the ones from Al Furqan. According to Pn. Lina, the differences are:
1. IPN consists of all hijaiyah's alphabets, Al Furqan only selected.
2. IPN consists of only "Aa, Ba, Ta..". Al Furqan consits of "Aa, Ii, Uu.."

IPN's flashcard, can get it from here

Regardless of any flashcards, the most important thing is how you teach your children using them. The content below is from the various reading I read from the net, so thank you Uncle Google. I'm going to compile everything I read so that you can understand it easily.

There are actually two different metods of using flashcard; Shichida's method and Glen Doman's method

Shichida's method
  • Flashcard is shown as fast as possible a.k.a speed flashing.
  • Training exercise for the right brain, to activate photographic memory.
  • The practice is to flash 200 cards in three minutes.
Glen Doman's method
  • Flashcard is shown slowly so the children can capture how to pronounce the word.
  • Training exercise for the left brain.
  • One flashcard is shown in about 15 seconds.

The method used by Pn. Lina is Glen Doman's method. Because, babies are born with right brain capability, so it's important to teach them how to use the left brain. And also because, televisions are fast, so they can exercise their right brain using TV.

As for me, I used both method. First, I showed Spiderbaby the Glen Doman's method, then I sum everything with Shichida's method. Because from my reading, " the left brain develops, that is, as the child grows older, it becomes harder to develop natural abilities of the right brain." Wallahualam, jadi guna jelah both methods.

It takes only about 5 minutes of my hectic schedule, really. After freshen up, I made sure by 8.30pm, I would be alone with Spiderbaby, no TV, no toy, no radio, nothing. Just Spiderbaby, flashcards and I. It's important to maintain the same time, so that Spiderbaby (and I) would be both physically and mentally prepared for the lesson.

I would have two sets of flashcards with me. One set for her to play around with, to chew, to bite, to make a mess. Let it be. According to Pn. Lina, they have to touch the alphabets to satisfy their curiosity, then only they can be interested with it.

Then, another set would be for me to flash to her. Every week I would have a set of 5 different alphabets to teach her. I started with the vocabs that she always used. As for Spiderbaby, she loves to use, "Aa, Ba, Ma, Na, Ya". So, every day for the whole week, I would spend 15 seconds for every alphabet. Put the flashcard near my mouth, while exaggeratingly pronounce the alphabet, so that she knows how to move her mouth to make that sound. Then, I would flash her all the alphabets very fast before I ended up her session for the day. 5 minutes, done.

The following week, I would change to a different set of 5 alphabets, for my case, I used, "Ta, Sa, Wa, Ja, Da". So by the weekend, I would then repeat the two different sets to her altogether, "Aa, Ba, Ma, Na, Ya," then, "Ta, Sa, Wa, Ja, Da" for her to refresh as has been done by Pn. Lina. So, on weekends the lesson is a bit longer. But maximum, 10 minutes.

Of course, being very active as she usually is, she never sits still. I used to worry a lot on her concentration level. After seeing how Pn. Lina taught Darwish, I am more at peace. So, I would let Spiderbaby climbed the bed, played with the other flashcards, hid under the bed, sometimes not even looking at the flashcards. Patience. That's the key.

The first day, she wouldn't even look, what more to pronounce. The next day, she started to repeat after me, and at the end of the week, she managed to repeat the whole set of alphabets, is yet to recognize them. It's ok, move on to the next set before she got bored. This needs repetition. Insya Allah, I would repeat the sets again and again until Spiderbaby masters all the alphabets. I'm at peace there. Let her move at her own pace.

So, that's how you use your flashcard for teaching. Next entry insya Allah, I will share with you how to use them informally. Doalah diberi lebih kekuatan untuk berkongsi, Ameen.


Gleny Mizz said...

Thank for your share. I also use flashcard to teach my kids and I think it's one of best way for our kids. You also use flashcard app like me, you can easily create flashcard on your laptop with available resource on Internet and sync them on your mobile. I use Superflashcard and my kids like it. It has sound-image flashcards and game to check memory.

kzedz said...

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

thank u for sharing ikeen!

-yanty (kapal's friend p2)

Dr. Ikeen said...

Thank you, Glenny Mizz, Superflashcard is awesome! Kzedz and Yanty, insya Allah will share the rest :)