Monday, December 24, 2012

Khaira at 14 mo!

Sekarang ni setiap hari excited nak pulang!! :)

Spiderbaby learns new things everyday.

Nearing 13mo, at work, all of a sudden mom messaged me, "Kak, Khaira dah boleh jalan."

And when I arrived home, she walked like a tiny dinosaur, tangan kat depan, 5 steps then she fell down. And clap her hands. That was the beginning. About a month after, dah berlari. Very handful nowadays.

Then, a couple of days after that, she started to recognize things in her baby books. Things like "banana", "apple", "baby", etc. Managed to record a video there.

Then, I started teaching her to show her tummy, eyes, nose. Masya Allah, kids are very fast learners.

Now macam-macam benda comel Khaira buat, would like to write it here for my keepsake. Among the most adorable ones..

1. "No, no, no, no, no" dengan gesture tangan yg sangat comel!
2. "Jap! Jap" Again dengan gesture tangan and kepala hangguk2.
3. "Khaira, nanny masak apa?" Tarik nafas. "Kaghi." Pause. "Ayom" (referring to Kari Ayam). Some other days. "Ambal" (referring to sambal)

And yes, she can say 2 words already. "Nak air", "Bye, Ayah Ngah" at 14 mo.:)

Excited nak balik rumah every day!!

Anyhow, this youtube pages are dedicated for my little angel. Only God knows how much I love her.

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