Monday, September 16, 2013

Khaira time!

Back when I was little, when I was the only child in the family (had my brother when I was 5), I used to have a lot of me time with my dad. Mom worked half a day on Saturday, so right after we sent mom to work, we would spend the morning in Taman Titiwangsa and afterwards had some brunch near mom's office, just the two of us.

I looked forward for this every single time. And up until now, it became that moment you always remember and treasure for your whole life :) I wish Khaira had one too.

So, last Saturday I had an invigilation to do. I was thrilled that Love decided to spend the time, just the two of them at Jusco. Was I worried to leave them? Of course. Reminded Love countless times to change her diaper and feed her. Not that I didn't trust him but mothers are like that I guess.. haha..

What's with the face?
My time with Khaira came yesterday. Brought her to KLCC park, met my friend, Kak Mawar there. We had so much fun!!!!

Of course, less than 2 hours later, Love surprised us at the park. Too much cases nowadays, he said it's worrying leaving only us girls. He had a point there though I wish I could spend time just the two of us, Khaira and I every week like this.

That is why they deserve this.. my utmost respect to every single mother in the world today.

Apart from pampering Little K, on Sunday, I pampered myself by catching up with my girlfriends after a while.

Look look, let's welcome the addition of this little one in the family!!

Mika Khaleel so handsome!!
Later that night, we went to Shary's wedding at Kelab Tasik Putrajaya and afterwards we brought Khaira to see the fireworks at PICC.

Such a splendid, tiring, fun weekend I love!!

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