Sunday, March 23, 2014

A proud supervisor

Sometimes in your life, you got so blessed to have some potential students knocked on your door and you know you wouldn't want to miss that opportunity.

Doing research is very different than the classroom environment. For research, you need to think outside the box, you need to be brave to explore things on your own, the kind for me that is suitable either for real geek or real rebellion.

Very rare species in the world.

That is why I'm so happy when one of my FYP students won 2 awards in the FYP award this semester!!

One with the students and the co sv

Special award and software based winner

To top it all, both these students obtained A for their FYP :) Alhamdulillah.

To shape a winner is a much happier thing than to be a winner yourself.  Now I understand the true meaning of giving.. I feel so contented.

To Emran and Awis.. thank you ♥

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