Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Things to buy for confinement

Okay, since I think I could do so much better than the last confinement, these are the list of the things I would like to buy for my second confinement:

1. Pilis

Because I just so love it during my first. It helps reduce the dizziness especially earlier when we're losing blood.

2. Minyak Panas/Tapil

I shall give this one a try considering many people recommend this.

3. Disposable panties

Especially for earlier stage of confinement because I can't afford ruining my normal panties. Haha.

4. Coswas Alzara sea salt

Because I really hope this time around my wound would heal faster

5. Tungku baby

6. Sitz bath

Anyone know where I can find this? Went to Princecourt but they refused to sell it unless I give birth at their hospital :(

7. Maternity pad

Lots and lots of them.

8. Socks

9. Indoor shoes

10. Jeli Gamat

Anyone ever try this?

11. Shaklee confinement set

12. Set mandian

Any suggestion of brand?

13. Confinement book

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