Saturday, October 30, 2010

BIL's engagement

It was brother in law's engagement last Saturday!!

It was the grandest engagement i've attended so far, everything was so beautiful!

The dais..

The bride..

The hantaran..



The cake we sponsored for Abang's hantaran..

Everything was beautiful and exciting on Saturday.

But came Sunday, we had to say goodbye to mum-in-law. She would be going back to Korea for 3 months plus tonight.

See, I've been clinging up to my parents since like forever. I couldn't really survived being far away from home, I barely survived even when I stayed in hostel during my uni years (which btw half an hour drive from their house je, poyo). And as far as I remember, they never left us more than 3 days.

So, MIL's 3-months-trip to Korea pretty saddened me, more than I thought I would. We couldn't even send her to the airport since Love is currently in JB for three days, that makes it lagi sedih..

I pray everything goes well with you, Omma.

And to Kak Izrin, I'm so excited to welcome you to this family. Blending in with this Malaysian-Korean culture might be a bit of struggle in the beginning, but once you're in married, you can see the magic of marriage, whereby it is so easy to love :)


nadra186 said...

Cantiknye Veil dier!!!

Dr. Ikeen said...

Cantikkan.. i suke..