Monday, October 25, 2010

Kotak merah

Now that we're getting older wiser, we've found it hard to gather all of our friends together. So the moment Fiah messaged me on my birthday, "Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ konon2 i nyanyi lagu utk u la! hint: jom celebrate kat redbox?! haha"

I immediately answered, "When?"

Love and I made some kind of pledge to spend more time with our friends once we're married. I messaged the girls, Fiah messaged the guys.

Mel had to work but promised to come after work and Anis had to go back to Shah Alam. Some of the boys had to work also, on Saturday, haha.

So, we left with this..

And, Fiah brought me and Mimi this.. Sweet ok!

So sweet that it makes me a..

Some of the pictures..

Thanks Fiah! I heart you a lot!

P/S: Miss ya Mel, wish you could make it :)

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