Thursday, October 28, 2010

My beloved

If there is one thing being a lecturer had taught me, it is called 'patience'.

I was not born with it, try imagine. I lost my patience even when a salesgirl didn't even smile at my simple thank you.

Just yesterday, I made some scene in a clinic where the nurses asked us to wait for "20 minutes, doctor on the way", and i waited for one and a half hour. When Love started shivering waiting for the doctor and nobody came to clarify to us as of why the doctor was not there yet and when asked, the very rude nurse answered me, "we called, but the doctor said he had some banking matters, we couldn't stop him right?", she messed up with the wrong person. I left with the nurse ended up almost crying. Klinik Mesra, what?

Anyways, I've been through the stages of rebellious teenagers just well.. rebel. And I've been through the stage where I expected too much from them and ended up devastated. I've been through a stage where I got so mad that I shouted at them and ended up crying after class. It was so not nice to shout at your students, please don't do that. Been through a stage where I just be nice the whole semester without shouting at all and found that they just went over the limit.

Truth is, the blame is all on me. Haven't yet find the right formula.

But then one day, I kind of had a crush with 40+ years old Love's uncle (okay, crush is such a nonsense word, but he made me blush all the time, so you pretty much get what i mean) because he always opened the car door for me and held my hand in such romantic and definitely not pervert way and asked me about my day, about.. you know all the kind of things a girl wanted to be asked. And she treated me like the way all girls wanted to be treated.. like a lady.

My father in law once asked us, "How could us (older people) communicate with you youngsters in way you could listen to us?" My FIL is about the same age as my grandmother btw, so you see the age difference.

Love answered, "I don't know, just stop talking to us in your historic way!"

We laughed at his answers.

But then, that was the beginning of it. Of me treating my students like adults.

And they seemed happy. I received many thank you emails by the end of the semester. Evaluation showed improvements. i was happy.

Notice the word was..

because I just marked their final paper. And i got confused.

God, have i even taught them anything this semester?

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