Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So, it only took 1 month to make my skin normal again.

1 month, with daily breakfast of fruits and veggies. The first week I had papaya every single morning, then cherry tomatoes, honeydew and this week banana. I discovered that the only reason I didn’t have any fruits at home previously was because there were only two fruits inside my refrigerator; apple and orange which both I didn’t fancy at all.

1 month with fish oil supplement makes wonders to my skin and hair. I discovered that no matter how much I ate all the yummy ikan goreng, it doesn’t really help, because the types of fish that I need to eat to moisturize my skin are the one with a lot of Omega-3. Eg: Salmon. I don’t eat salmon at home, i eat ikan kembung and ikan selar ;p

1 month with olive oil is definitely the fastest way to moisturize my skin! I eat, bath and sleep with virgin olive oil! Seriously! I eat olive oil, I put the olive oil all over my skin and hair before bathing and sleep with a thin layer of olive oil on my face. I should discover this earlier! Thanks Uncle Google!

Other small contribution factors are the humidifier, the whole lot of water I drink every day, the scrub and mask that I’ve forgotten exist on my dressing table and etc.

See, the thing is that I have been sooo down these past few weeks. With my stupid haircut, and my not so moisturize skin, I don’t even bother to dress up to work. Owh.. you haven’t heard of the stupid haircut story.

See for the past three years I’ve been going to the same saloon (as u know, I am a very loyal and play safe person). So, one itchy day, I decided to be adventurous with my haircut, and went to a new saloon, I asked for Summer’s haircut and she made me look like this..

Totally different and funny!!! Stups! There goes all my Raya pictures, with the worst haircut. Even Baby Amir didn’t like my new haircut.

The ONLY reason I didn’t go the my usual saloon to rectify the haircut is because Love won’t allow me to do so. He keeps on saying stuff like, “I like your haircut, it looks cute, bla bla..”

Then one day I begged for that new haircut, and when I come back he was like, “Ok.. this looks so much better!” Boleh tak?! Just allow me from the beginning kan makes our life so much easier!! I’m never believing in whatever he says about my hair anymore after this.

Anyways, this is my new haircut and skin, without makeup, yay! Dah moist! Hair pon (Not wearing any hair cream product and didn’t blow or anything)

After this, I’m going to take a very good care of my skin and hair. Promise!


leena said...

hi dear. i just browsed on ur wedding blog. can i have the contact number at pandan lake club? how was it there? isit convenient place to do a wedding event? kindly email me at amaleenamalek@gmail.com desperately want the contact number huhu.

ur help is so much appreciated. thanks dear! :)

Mawar_Mohamad said...

Ikeen,kak pun faced same prob too dehydrated facial skin masa bulan puasa lalu.horror ok!
I saved my skin by stocking up more product from Clarins and alhamdulillah so far gives better effect on my facial skin.
Nak try gak ur suggestion pakai olive oil :)

Dr. Ikeen said...

Leena: Mail ya already!
Kak Mawar: Olive oil best sgt!