Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The cheapest cloth diapers

I am not the best person to talk about cloth diapers or CD. (Further info: click here)

Was really blur when my two office mates were obsessing over CD and I thought why the hassle. Pampers kan senang, pakai buang je.

Tapi peer pressure.

Dr. Sumay were constantly talking about CD and finally I asked her to bring one sample for me to study. And I fell in love immediately.

Perhaps because of the beautiful colours. Or maybe the realization of how much money i can save rather than using pampers. Or rather the amazement of how flexible the size is, you can use it until your baby turned two years old. Not forgetting how everyone is talking about environmental friendly nowadays.

So i made a video of how to use the CD, and brought back the proposal to Mom and Love. Mom because she was going to take care of the baby. Love because.. Haha.. He was the banker.

Mom agreed. Love was ecstatic simply because of the colours.

So, after doing further studies (Dr. Sumay was the one who did the study, but I was a very good listener), we decided to buy from a warehouse. The price range of CD normally ranges between RM35 to RM50.

But at QQBaby, we bought it for RM12.60 each (original price is RM18 but since we bought more than RM1000, we were entitled with 30% discounts).

I bought 20 pieces. Wheee!!!!~ Here are the purchase :)


sweetdrugADDICT said...

banyaknyer..jual kat aku sekeping..nak try hehe

Dr. Ikeen said...

Takyah jual, aku bagi.. mau kaler ape? Pink? Biru? Sila pilih tone. Sbb pink ada dua tone mcm dlm gambar.