Friday, September 2, 2011

Preparing for labor :)

I seriously think it's too early to pack my hospital bag for labor. But Love didn't think so.

I love to prepare everything early, but this one kinda freaks me out. Haha! Mummy has not yet done my facial and my hair to meet you, Little Princess ;p Owh.. and the photoshoot. Don't even start with the mental preparation. Ugh!!!

Anyway, checklist for me..

♥ My birthplan (and a box of chocolate for the nurses)
♥ Toiletries (Dermalogica travel pack + tootbrush + toothpaste + listerine + shampoo + conditioner + deodorant)
♥ Nightgowns (perlu ke? Maybe I just bring some)
♥ My maternity pillow
♥ My small Quran
♥ Handphone charger
♥ Camera and charger
♥ My hypnobirthing materials
♥ Gym ball
♥ Socks
♥ Slippers
♥ Air zam zam and straw
♥ Maternity pads
♥ Disposable underwear
♥ Foods/snacks
♥ Undergarments
♥ Hospital pre registration paperwork
♥ Kain batik - TQ Kdy!
♥ Sweater - TQ Kdy!
♥ Breastpad - TQ Maria and Kdy!

Checklist for Love..
♥ Toiletries
♥ Clothes
♥ Comforter + pillows
♥ Extra cash (just in case)

Checklist for Little Princess..
♥ Long shirt and long pants
♥ Mittens and booties
♥ Receiving blanket
♥ Diapers
♥ Breast pump (just in case)
♥ Hats - TQ BFF Maria!
♥ Socks - TQ BFF Maria!

What else? What else? Help!


sweetdrugADDICT said...

Prepare je la cepat2. mane tau baby nk kluar awal tak saba nk jumpe mommy n dedi dia hehe.. bwk baby hat n ur socks n breastpad

Khadeejah Hasmad said...

Kain batik yg lusuh, sdap di pakai after delivery especially sbb sng nk masuk toilet. Hehe. Sweater in case mummy feels cold in hospital after delivery. Breastpad byk2 sbb ur breast will be producing sgt byk susu smpai asik nak menitik setiap masa. Sampai baju boleh jd basah dan merimaskan. All the best! :))

Dr. Ikeen said...

Maria: Ye baik! Saya dah masukkan bag dlm keta!
Kdy: Thank you Kdy. Miss your writings!