Monday, September 19, 2011


When people accused you for something that you did not do, what would you do?

Some people just ignore..

Some people just give in..

Some people fight back..

Being rebellious, I normally just do whatever I've been accused of doing at the first place.

When I said I didn't do it, I didn't. If someone keep making accusation that I did it, well they're the one who asked for it ;p

They said the first child is always the rebellious one! (*Covering my whole perut so that Little Princess will not read this post*)


Fatin Fairuz said...

Covering ur perut and so ur lil princess would not read this post..?i think she doesn't need to see this post..she can directly feel whatever feelings inside u..kenapa ikeen?be strong okey..this lil girl yg aku kenal sgt strong kn?=)..cheer up..just let them be..ignore them..or be kind to them..they will feel guilty at the end of the day..

Dr. Ikeen said...

Thank you fatin!! Your comment just cheered up my day :)