Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hypnobirthing - Our birth plan.

Last Sunday, Love and I managed to prepare our birth plan!! Alhamdulillah.

Now to find the right doctor to acommodate all these. Insya Allah. Ameen. Doakan we get the best doctor, midwife and nurses.

Sharing our birth plan as a reference..

During 1st Stage Labor

• Quiet room, dimmed lights
• Drawn drapes/closed door at all times
• Allow to take photos and videos of birth

• Return home if less than 4 centimeters dilated and other factors do not warrant admission
• Decline routine IV prep upon admission.
• Decline discussion on pain tolerance & levels

• Change positions for comfort & progress in labor
• Freedom to walk & move
• Fluids & light food if labor is prolonged

• No continuous EFM unless medically necessary

• No suggestion of anesthetic/analgesics unless requested

• Natural oxytocin stimulation – nipple/clitoral stimulation – and to be accorded with uninterrupted privacy to do so
• No Pitocin/amniotomy without discussion
• To be fully apprised & consulted before introduction of any medical procedure

• Minimal – with permission – to avoid premature release of membranes

During 2nd Stage Labor

• Allow natural birthing instincts with HypnoBirthing breathing down until crowning takes place.
• Gentle encouragement during final pushing stage without loud “pushing” prompts
• Assume a birthing position of choice that will least likely require an episiotomy.

• Episiotomy only if necessary and only after consultation.
• Local anesthesia for repair of tears/episiotomy.

• Use of suction device rather than forceps if medically necessary
• Father will announce sex of baby to mother.
• Wait until cord stops pulsating. Father will cut the cord.
• Immediate skin-to-skin contact, with baby on mother’s stomach. No wrapping of baby.

• Spontaneous or encouraged with breast stimulation and nursing baby
• No cord traction, Pitocin or manual removal of placenta unless there is evidence of excessive postpartum bleeding (45 minutes allowance of natural placenta delivery)

• Bright lights temporarily removed during birth & until baby is moved to mother’s chest
• Allow vernix to be absorbed into baby’s skin; delay cleaning/rubbing
• Baby to remain with mother & father for the 1st hour after birth.
• Breastfeeding only. No bottle, formula, pacifier.
• Delay use of Erythromycin or other salve for baby’s eyes to allow optimal sight for bonding.
• Father will stay with mother and baby throughout the hospital stay.


el said...

ikeen!! im sooooo outdated!!! belated congratulations for ur pregnancy!! and ure due soon!! all the best!! esp with the hypnobirthing :) my sis who just gave birth is an avid hypnobirthing follower, in fact i assisted her homebirth. it was an amazing experience :)) take care ikeen!! muchlove- eleanor.

Dr. Ikeen said...
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Dr. Ikeen said...

Ezu!!! Haha! Thank you for the wish! :)

OMG!!! Your sister homebirth and you assisted her??? Gile inspiring!! I always saw your sister's update at Gentle birth punye group in fb. Tak sangka dia home birth!

Ezuuuu!! I'm so amazed! I pon nak homebirth second baby, insya Allah.

Take care Ezu. Lama tak jumpe you!! Love! *hugs*