Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seoul Garden @ OU

Break fast at Seoul Garden, OU yesterday.

I tried Seoul Garden before, I didn't quite fancy the food there. I so much prefer Yuen's Steamboat, cheaper, yummier and better options.

But the company was superb and ok la, got grill also kan.. so RM47 per person was worth it.

I honestly think it's funny to name the restaurant Seoul Garden, makes you think it's a Korean dish kan. Haha! IT'S NOT!! Tak rasa Korean dish at all.

You wanna see the real Korean dish, I will update the pics next week since this Saturday MIL made Korean dish for break fast, wheeeee!!!! I can't wait!

Anyway, some pics with my dearest from yesterday's event..

With Myra, Nadrah and Iza Lyana.

Love with Hashir, AG, Hisham and Shariz.
My only one.
Hope this will be our tradition from now on. As compared to last year's break fast at Lala Chong, we missed Nonee this year :( but I hope we won't missed anyone else next year. Because I just heart each and everyone of ya! ;)


Fatin Fairuz said...

ikeen..kenapa kapal banyak kurus skrg??

Dr. Ikeen said...

Aku tak kasi dia makan, wife yg kejam!
Hey Sayangku, sile jawab soalan Fatin kalau u baca comment ni.. Sile share tips dengan bakal pengantin.

nadra186 said...

i cari daging bulgogi kat seoul garden.. dulu ada.. and byk choice... now merepek je... coffee chicken... erk!

Fatin Fairuz said...

Hehe..a'ah..sila share tips dgn aku..aku nak kawen ni..nak kurus gak jangan kejam sgt ikeen..karang tinggal tulang je kapal..tak sedap ko nak peluk..eceh..hehe