Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let's grow old together..

10 years ago, he sat next to me in class and we talked about our future..

Of how we wanted to grow old together, about our future sons, future daughters..

And who would have thought that future is here.

In 2009, his first child, Amir was born..

And now, presenting Hafiz's second child..

Umar :)

How time flies.

It feels as if just yesterday he sat next to me with all the talk about what we would be after high school, and now we're all that we planned for. Alhamdulillah.

How Amir looks like now.. (With Uncle Kapal, nanti Aunty dah bersalin, Aunty dukung Amir ok!)

Pregnancy is an epidemic. Lepas Maria, me, then Sya. Next, Fau?

I remember the song Hafiz and I dedicated to each other back then in Form 4,

"Say you'll stay forever,
You're so wonderful,
Forever for whatever"

(OAG - Forever for whatever)

And our forever is here, you guys!!! :)


ezra said...

love u guys loads! see u soon! :)

Dr. Ikeen said...

See u soon darling!