Sunday, July 24, 2011

My last class of hypnobirthing

I'm a hypnobirthing graduate!!!!!

Alhamdulillah. Completed all 5 classes. Two days ago, I asked my doctor to prepare a referral letter so that I can meet my specialist to discuss about hypnobirthing. At the same time, I had my 6th month checkup.


But.. my baby's head already down there. Very nice position, Little Precious.. I'm proud of you!

My baby's position :)

All praise be to Allah SWT.

And I also have my hypnobirthing class to thank for. For teaching me the correct position as in below:

More info in

Whatever position you're in, make sure your knee won't be higher than your hips and make sure you're not crossing your legs. Since baby's head should be down, when you block the path down there, you baby won't be comfortable and hence.. head will move somewhere else.

If your baby's position is not ok, try the posture above for more than 40 minutes a day, allow some time for your baby to correct back his/her position.

Once your baby is already engaged, squat for 40 minutes a day to lock his/her position.

The most optimum position for your baby is head down, face facing your butt and chin down so that she/he can give more pressure, thus easier to be birthed.

Some preparation that you can do to tone your body for birth:
1) Walking
2) Maintain a good posture
3) Pelvic rock (similar to 'Angry Cat' position in yoga)
4) Toning innner thigh and leg mucsles

5) Squatting
6) Pelvic floor exercises
7) Perineal massage

Also during labor, what we have learned in hypnobirthing is that you need the correct birthing position for your baby. Don't just lie down the bed, sometimes when you have sharp pain (pressure ok, pain is not a good sign), that means your baby is not in a good position. You have to move around to ensure that he/she is comfortable.

More on birthing position in "Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method" book.

Three days ago, I had a sharp pain above my tummy, just below my left breast for the whole day. By evening, I lost it. I tried all positions suggested by my pratitioner, not working. The sharp pain was still there, and minor Braxton-Hicks surge come and go.

Called Love, and he gave me one last resort that might be useful during labor if pain is still there.

After Asar prayer, I talked to my baby and told him/her that the position he/she was staying right now hurt me a lot. And if she/he mind to move a little. And just like that, the pain was gone.

Brilliant, Little Precious!

Now, goodbye and all the best to my hypnobirthing friends!

Love and I are hypnobirthing graduates. From a wife who was blur the time my doctor mentioned about estrogen and progesteron to someone who can talk about endorphin and oxytocin. From a husband who could not stand blood (what more to be there for me during labor) to a husband who is now confident to go through homebirthing. (I'm proud of you, Sayang!)

And for all this, Alhamdulillah.

May we have the natural birth that we seek for. Whatever best for us.

When YOU guide us to it, I know YOU'll guide us through it. Insya Allah.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, i've been 'stalking' your blog since zaman i tunang lagi haha. your blog has been so helpful. Wanted to say hello for the first time, and also wondering if that 'sharp pain above tummy' is the same one i've been's just below the ribcage..somewhere there la kan. it is possible that my baby pun has been trying to find the best position? mana la tau kan...

Dr. Ikeen said...

Hello :) Exactly!! Just below the ribcage! Maybe our babies moving around for their optimum position. I talked to my doctor, she said salah makan. Makan benda berangin, and as we go on in our pregnancy, baby gets bigger and less place for the tummy, so kalau ada angin, that sharp pain will occur near your placenta. So, kena jaga mkn after this. Hehe.. All the best for your pregnance, may you have a blissful one!

Anonymous said...

I thought so too...since i've been eating like there's no tomorrow! hehe. ok thanks a lot for the tips. keep on writing =) all the best to you too.!