Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pasta Zanmai @ Mid Valley

Love and I had lunch with Myra last Saturday to celebrate her belated birthday.

Never tried Pasta Zanmai before, so when Myra suggested the place, we immediately agreed.

I was a bit skeptical at first looking at the menu, Japanese-Western fusion food, so not appealing. But from my reading from several blogs, they said that the pizza was highly recommended, I tried July Special - Ebi Pizza (Pizza with lots of small prawns as topping) and oh my god.. it tasted like pizza with some dried shrimps, so horrible!

But Love's Unagi set was super duper nice. Though I was not a big fan of eel, that one was an exception.

Myra had some pasta which was nice also; price range of all the food varies from RM19 - RM 30.

Overall, I love the services and ambience. Food was good except mine. And the dessert was to die for!

To Mya: Happy belated birthday, we had super duper fun with you last Saturday.
To Love: Thank you simply for making what matters to me matters to you ALL THE TIME!


Myra Ron said...

HomaiGodd!! I looked sooo big in that outfit..muahahaah..u preggy pon x nmpk gemuk k :p Anyway, thanks again to both of u... <3

Dr. Ikeen said...

Haiyooo!! Where got besar! Haha. Ni je gambar ok, lain sume gelap :( next date, buka puasa ok!!! Tatau mau makan mane, suggest please!