Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Women's true ambition

Since I planned for three days of babymoon in Cherating, but Love couldn't make it cuz he just started working at a new company, I had two days leave all by myself.

On my first day of leave, I spent time at the hair saloon (Hedkandee, my favourite!), went shopping, cleaned the room and cooked for Love. On my second day of leave, I did my facial and body scrub at my favourite spa, Seputeh Kapas.

Then, I wonder.. is this how it feels like to be a housewife (K.. orang sekarang panggil WAHM - Work At Home Mum, nama glamour)?

If this is how it feels, goodness.. It surely feels GREAT!

And as much as I am so deeply in love with my job now, I am not planning to work like this all my life. As much as I've been wanting to be a lecturer almost my entire life, I have another ultimate ambition that has been motivating me to work harder all this while. Just like any other women..

I want to be a housewife.

With maid taking care of the house. Me spending time with my children (or shopping or spa while they are away), cook some fancy food and just wait for Love to come home with super sexy nice clothes. Bestnyeeeeee... (T_T)

Dreams.. How sweet.

And yet how all things started with dreams. All the things that I've achieved now. Alhamdulillah. The power of doa :)

I hope to retire early. (My supervisors are so gonna kill me after reading this statement. Gomennasai T_T) Not just retiring early, but I want to retire smart. There are of course things to achieve before I retire.

For me.
- I want a maid to do the cleaning once I retire, so that my full concentration is on Love and our children.
- I want my own Smart Reader or Qee Dees or Kumon (whatever education business will do, teaching is my life).
- I want a car that I will retire with, perhaps a red Mini Cooper S?

- I want some properties for my investment.
- I want to have enough income still every month for me to splurge on myself; spa, shopping etc.

For my parents and family.
- I want to still give them money monthly after I retire, RM2k monthly perhaps?
- I want to buy them a car (very soon k, Mum and Dad)
- I want to bring them to perform Umrah or Hajj.
- I want to bring my whole family for an all sponsored vacation anywhere outside Malaysia.

For Love.
- I want him to have his dream Alfa first.
- I want him to be ready both financially and mentally about me retiring.

For my future children.
- I want to have enough savings for their future.

For my career.
- I want to retire with the title of "Professor Nurul Asyikin" ;p

- I want my name to be well heard in my field (so that kalau bukak business later, people can trust my business).

A lot still to achieve, but I know Allah SWT will guide me through it.

So, in the mean time, what I need to do is work harder (for both my work and my PhD), save smarter (work more on my retirement investment) and most importantly seize this short time of working I have left.

Insya Allah. I just have faith :)


Anonymous said...

hi dr ikeen. i am your silent reader since i google about your preparation for your big day. i think it started when you are getting engage. well, since then, i am your biggest fan i can say hehe.. im so happy to hear about your achievement and progress in life, career and your baby. i wish i could have a better life just like you.. so happy to hear abt you going to be a mother very soon.. i myself was miscarriage twice this year. and its during our first anniversary last mth..well perhaps Allah has a better plan for us..good luck and i will pray for u. even i am not your student, but i can feel that you are teaching me about life and to live the life tp the max. thx ya. btw, u are so cute :)

Anonymous said...

Pregnant woman should avoid salon if i'm not mistaken (from my reading somewhere on the net), because of the chemical they use, not good for pregnancy..

Btw, it is fun to have a day or two off just for ourselves, kan!

Love to read all your stories here. Keep on writing :)

Dr. Ikeen said...

Hello Anonymous!! :) Thank you very very much for the comment that just brightens up my week! I hope you stay strong there, ok. Like you said, Allah SWT has a better plan for you. I'll pray for you too. There's always always sun after the rain. Thank you again, you motivate me to write more! I truly appreciate.

And yes, pregnant women should avoid salon or any other chemical in that matter esp during the first trimester. I consulted with my hairstylist beforehand though, still.. Of course it's better to avoid altogether. Thank you for the info!